Before, During and After

  • Before Labor: Your doula(s) will meet with you and your birth partner(s) at least once before labor to become acquainted with you, explore and discuss your priorities, goals, fears and concerns, present evidence-based information on the risks and benefits of common interventions and procedures used during childbirth, discuss your birth plans, and plan how we might best work together. We will also discuss procedures for contacting each other at the onset of labor.

  • During Labor: Beginning around two weeks before your estimated due date, your doula(s) are on-call 24/7 and expect to be notified at the onset of labor. We can answer questions and make suggestions over the phone, and we can decide if your doula(s) should come to you then, or wait for further change. Barring any extraordinary circumstances, your doula(s) will remain with you through your labor and birth or provide a backup doula to assist.

  • After Birth: Your doula(s) usually remain with you for one or two hours after the birth, until you are comfortable and your family is ready for quiet time together. We am available to answer questions about the birth or your baby, and will schedule a follow-up meeting within two weeks of the birth to visit you and the baby, process the birth experience and collect feedback from you about our role. Our birth doulas are also trained in postpartum doula services and can provide continued care for an additional fee, as available.

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