Rachel Olson, PhD –
Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula and “not-that-kind-of-doctor” doctor

(Rachel is not currently seeing clients)

Rachel Olson moved to Columbia, MO from Minnesota in 2010 following completion of her Bachelor of Science in Cellular Biology. She first started working as a doula while completing her PhD in microbiology. She trained as a Nona birth doula with an emphasis in mindfulness in 2014 and where she met Danica Wolf and co-founded Harmony Birth Services of Missouri. Rachel has a passion for helping birthing parents access evidence-based care and give birth in the way that is best for them. She trained as a postpartum doula in 2018 to better serve her clients during transition periods. She’s always excited to collaborate, both in her full time work as a researcher and with her clients and health staff during births. In her free time she’s often found cleaning up after the collaboration between her dogs to destroy random household items and drinking copious amounts of coffee. 

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