Why Doula?

Comfort. Care. Consistency. Trust. Safety.

These are just a few of the words that come up in most of our initial interviews. Why would someone want a doula to be a part of their birth team? Well, that depends. There are a number of reasons a person and/or family would want another birth professional present! Doulas can be involved early in the pregnancy through the first couple of years postpartum. Doulas often become part of the family, in a short-term, intensely intimate way.

This type of birth support is not for everyone, but for those who want a doula, it is critical that all members of the birth team are on the same page. Establishing trust is a vital part of ensuring that everyone feels safe and comfortable. During the prenatal visit(s), doulas discuss birth priorities, goals, fears, hopes, contingencies, reproductive and/or sexual trauma, birth histories, comfort measures, partner dynamics, immediate postpartum plans, and many other topics to help the team prepare for the labor and birth experience!

Harmony Doulas are highly professional and prepared for any type of birth, with built-in backup support. Inquire now to see how we might be able to support your labor, birth, and postpartum team.

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