COVID-19 Response for 2020 Virtual Childbirth Education Pregnancy, Labor and Birth Doula Support Options

Harmony Birth Services Doula Danica, preparing for her most recent birth in March at MU Women's and Children's Hospital in Columbia, MO before COVID-19 quarantine and policy change.
Doula Danica, preparing for her most recent in-person birth in March at MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Columbia, MO

Babies will not wait a few extra months to be born. Controlling a global pandemic is not their concern. But, I know it might be yours. You can still have professional birth support in the hospital now.

Reach out now to determine which option is going to make sense for you and your family during this time.

This is a truly scary time in the world.

You are not alone.

Let’s figure out the best way to support you in pregnancy, labor, and birth right now.

Pregnancy, Labor and Birth Education and Support Group

A private, virtual support group of parents who need evidence-based, mindfulness centered education and support during this time of unknowns around birth in Missouri. Ongoing education and support will be provided, with updates about known changes to hospital and clinic policies shared as they happen.

Information about local home birth and birth service providers will be available, but this group is geared specifically to those who plan to give birth in a mid-Missouri hospital.

Cost: $25/month

Private Birth Doula Education and Support

Your needs for personalized, individual birth education and support can and still will be met. No matter how policies and practices change as a result of COVID-19 throughout 2020, we will get through this together.

This virtual-only birth support service includes private birth education with special attention to how one designated birth partner can support a laboring mother during a hospital birth. We will continue to meet via secure video call throughout your pregnancy. You will also get ongoing, unlimited text, phone and video support with Danica, the owner and co-founder of Harmony Birth Services. Continue reading for more details!

Topics for online birth education with your doula may include:

  • Mindfulness techniques to use now
  • A labor and birth roadmap for what to expect
  • Hands-on labor support techniques
  • Anxiety management tools
  • Birth supporter roles
  • Effective, supportive and clear communication
  • Navigating interventions effectively
  • Induction process, procedures and options
  • Coping strategies for pain
  • Cesarean preparation and care
  • Navigating family expectations
  • Family and self-advocacy strategies
  • …more, as requested and recommended given your specific circumstances!

Text, Phone and Video Doula Support During Labor and Birth

This isn’t what you had in mind for your baby’s birth, but we can and will adapt! Your doula will be available 24/7 for the 10-days leading up to your due date, and throughout the labor and birth process. We will stay in contact as much as you need and want for ultimate support and care during this exciting and unusually stressful time.

Exact support plans will be determined based on your family’s needs and priorities. We will have at least three virtual meetings, which can be attended by anyone on your physical or virtual support team. Finally, after birth, you will continue to have support from your doula for at least one-week postpartum. Additional postpartum support can be negotiated and contracted as needed.

Cost: $600

You should not have to choose between your partner and your doula in labor and birth.

However, we are in unprecedented times during this COVID-19 global pandemic. Many families are finding themselves navigating these choices right now. In Mid-Missouri, we want to ensure you are supported throughout labor and birth, even as hospital policies change. Our caring, professional and experienced doula will help you get through this. Your birth can be empowering, supported and safe. Danica can help. To get started, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill out this quick form to get a consult scheduled
  2. Talk with Danica about your birth plans and priorities
  3. Begin to feel more supported and safe about birth right away

Danica was invaluable to me before, during, and after my birth!
She is caring, super intuitive, and knowledgeable – she helped us navigate a complex birth situation and made me feel safe and supported. I don’t know what I would have done without her!

~ Kathleen Stetson,
Harmony Birth and Postpartum Momma

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